Things to Consider before Buying a Camera Lens

Buying a camera lens is a hard decision, and the main thing that one notices before buying one is the clarity that it gives. Also, you have other major decisions that you need to think about before buying a lens, that is, how much should one spend, and which is the brand that one should purchase.

So, we’ve bought you a few pointers which would help you in making this buying decision easier. Let us look at some things to consider before you buy a camera lens.

1. Your Budget

Firstly, think of the amount of money that you would want to invest in your lenses. This should be one of the major things to consider before making a decision. We would suggest that you do not overbuy. Understand the requirement of your camera, which lens suits it better and then make a budget. Make some pointers which include – if you want a heavy or lightweight lens, and will you exceed the amount of investment that you have kept aside for your lenses, what brand are you willing to buy and what lens would you eventually like to own for your camera. After you pen down all these things, it would be easier to narrow down on what you want to buy.

2. Try avoiding the focus length trap

Another thing to consider before buying the lenses for your camera is that one should not fall for this trap. The point is that it’s a belief that one would need zoom lenses which cover all conceivable focal length. But this is not true. So we would recommend that you try to avoid this situation and consider this too while purchasing a camera lens.

3. Full frame or APS lenses?

This is one decision which confuses most of the people who would opt to buy a lens soon. Think of if you would buy a lens which works on APS only or one that fits a full body frame as well. We would suggest that one needs to stick to the same sensor size in the future while making this hard decision. This is also because it helps in the elimination of any confusion that you might be having.

4. What exactly do you plan to photograph

You need to understand if you need a portrait lens or a macro lens, or maybe even a wide angle zoom lens for your camera. In case one is interested in wildlife photography, you could even go for the super-telephoto lens. But the point here is that you should be clear about defining your subject as once you know that this is what I am going to photograph, you would be able to consider which lens to buy accordingly.

5. Image Stabilizer

You also need to take the image stabilizer in the camera into account. Let’s tell you a bit more about what this is. An Image Stabilizer is a motor inside the lens, and what it does is that it moves the elements in a way which easily compensates for the movement created by camera shake. Now what happens usually is that different manufacturers give this a lot of unusual names, which tend to confuse people.
The best part about this is that you can even take photos in low lights as well, but you need to know that image stabilizers are slightly on the expensive hand than the non-stabilized ones, and thus do proper research before actually paying the extra money.

6. Consider the size as well as the weight

It is essential to consider these two major things as you will have to carry it around. What you could do is buy smaller lenses, and you can even save a few bucks. We understand that you want to click different types of pictures, then go for those lenses which have a smaller filter size.
Also, one should use a good quality autofocus lens, preferably weatherproofed, so do a bit of research on this areas too while buying. It is important to consider how the lenses are built as well as the quality and speed of the autofocus motor.

7. Are you looking at a brand name?

People usually go for a brand name, to show off their lenses to their fellow photographers, but we would recommend that it is better to stick with the Original Equipment Manufacturer lenses, as they have a much higher value than others. Not only that, but their autofocus performances is also way superior.

Thus, these are some of the things that one must consider before buying a camera lens. It is a big decision and an expensive one too. Thus, do read through our recommendations and try to imply them before you make this decision.

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