6 Ways to Keep a Camera Lens Clean

Buying a camera is a great investment and everyone wants to keep good care of it as you know that dirty optics would affect the image quality. Thus, you need to know the best way to keep your lenses clean so that you can spend quality time in clicking some great photographs.

We’ve bought to you some great hacks to keep your camera clean at all times.

1. Avoid cleaning your lenses unnecessarily

We usually think that our camera lens would get dirty as soon as we take it out and thus we tend to clean it every time we put it back. But repeated physical interaction with the lenses make it all the more susceptible to scratches and damages. Dust happens but it will not affect your camera image quality. However, when you feel that the lens is actually dirty, then you can try to keep the optics clean, but remember, do not overdo it as trying to keep your camera clean continuously tends to shorten its life.

2. Keep a tab of rear smudges

Your fingerprint smudges have a really bad impact on the image quality of the camera. But the rear element of the less is less susceptible to dirt and oil because, when mounted on the camera it is not subject to any type of damages by oily fingers or the general environment. Hence, one of the easiest way to remove this is by a blower or even by using a brush. Make sure you add a few drops of lens cleaner and make a circular motion with the cloth. This would help you remove dirt up to a great extent.

3. Attach a high quality filter

Attaching a high quality filter is a great way to protect the front element. This serves as a sentry which would absorb the gunk, and hence protect the lens optic. It’s not even that expensive and would help a lot in keeping the lens clean.

Next, blower is a great way to blow away all the dirt. In fact, it should be made mandatory as an equipment for lens cleaning.

4. Lens Tissues and Cleaners

Microfiber cleaning cloths work really well. You can also use lens tissues to keep the lenses clean. If you use a normal cloth with water, then that might not work as well as the lens tissues and cleaners, so we would recommend you to go for that. So try not to use your cotton t-shirt as well as liquid fabric softeners. Also avoid facial tissues as it has a high chance that your lenses will be streaked.

Of course you can use de-ionized water as that is a relatively good option. It mostly works on water soluble smudges. But acetone needs to be avoided fully. People have this myth that nail paint remover works wonders, but this is totally not the case.

5. Master the cleaning technique

It’s important to know the technique of cleaning which is that you wipe the lens in concentric circles. You need to work from the center to the edge so that the debris are removed easily. Also, the pressure needs to be less so that the smudges could be removed.

When wiping, apply only enough pressure to remove the offending smudge. Be sure to use a different cloth from that used for the optics, as wiping a metal lens mount to clean it may impart tiny metal debris on the cloth that should never have been introduced to the glass.

6. Dusty lens and canned air

It is great to remove the dust using a soft brush. It’s advisable to clean the lens by holding the camera upside down and allowing the dust to fall to the ground when you brush. You can also use canned air to clean the lenses, but you have to take care of the force. Some people also use a microfiber brush which is not even that expensive and it is made especially for cleaning the glass surface area or even for smudges.

Lastly, plain water can also be used if there is no other alternative. You can put some plain water in a tissue paper and gently use it to clean the lens.

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